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Is Your SEO Company Using Schema?


If you aren’t sure whether or not Structured Data has been used on your website check the Structured Data Report in your Google Search Console or right click and view your page source. This will tell you if there is any structured data on your page and where it is. It will also help debug any errors resulting from an improper markup. If you haven’t started using Structured Data but want to improve your sites SEO, simply audit your site for opportunities where you could use this helpful tool. However, make sure you are following Google’s recommendations for proper use or you could be penalized. Remember to let the type of business you have guide your choice in the best type of to implement.

Although employing the use of Structured Data can be a bit confusing to navigate if you are unfamiliar with it, your business may be well positioned for using a tool like this. If you take your time and determine the type of markup your business would benefit from the most, the results will make it worth your effort. However, do your homework and understand Google’s general recommendations for the proper use of Structured Data. This will help you avoid being penalized for its improper use. In addition, use the tools that Google provides to make sure that you avoid bugs and errors in your coding before you launch a page. You may even have questions regarding whether or not Structured Data has been used on your site before.

Google has a tool to determine that as well. Use everything that’s available to you to properly use Structured Data for optimal results. It’s not difficult, but you will need to follow all the proper steps to ensure its success.


Structured Data Important a  Necessity for SEO!

Structured Data is used to provide additional information about a web page in order to improve the relevancy of search results from search engines. This additional information is utilized to create more information for search engines in order to return more relevant and enhanced results. This information is referred to as a markup.

However, it should also be noted that search engines provide incentives for websites that properly use Structured Data. These incentives include a variety of different helpful features in search results. Keep in mind that these enhanced features ultimately improve click-through rates and boost traffic, which in turn improves rankings. This makes sense because the search results are more visually appealing and provide more information. Some of these features include:

Markups need to be consistently understood and parsed by search engines and people. As a result, there are standard formats, syntaxes, classification concepts, relationships, and vocabularies that should be used to achieve this. There are three syntaxes that are supported by most search engines, as well as two vocabularies. However, it should be noted that is the vocabulary used most often for SEO purposes.


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