Propel Internet Marketing


Reputation Management

We provide a proven plan of action and an exact cost and time frame to get rid of negative content. From the start, we outline what content we can delete directly from a website, negative links we can delete from search engines, and all your options.  Propel Internet Marketing has a mission to help people and companies improve and protect their reputations online. We aim to deliver a full-service process transparently, efficiently and cost effectively. We build authentic, convincing and high quality reputations using top quality assets.


We’ve successfully dealt with all situations: news articles, complaints, stalkers, attack sites, blogs, forums, mugshots, civil legal documents, government links, pdfs, pictures, videos, and more.


We look to permanently delete content whenever possible. When deleted, the link will no longer work and the content will appear as if it never existed. This is the most common successful outcome for our clients.


When we can’t delete, we look at the possibility to de-index the link from major search engines. Search engines will often remove links if they violate terms of service.  While we will try to delete or deindex negative content whenever possible, sometimes it simply doesn’t work. In these cases, we do offer suppression services to lessen the impact of the links on your business. We will push the negative content to the second page of results or beyond to help improve your reputation.


Our services aren’t solely focused on removing the negative, we also promote the positive. We develop real, positive information and reviews about your company online. This commonly falls under our Social Media Packages and SEO Programs.