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The Intersection Between Branding and Design

If you are in need of a solid logo and a strong branding effort, you need to understand the relationship between logos and branding and design. The reality is that logo creation, branding, and design are inseparable.

This linkage exists from the moment brand development and initial logo design commence. The connection never ends as long as a brand and associated logo remain in existence.

Understanding a Brand and a Logo

Experts in the realm of design maintain that a logo is not a business’ brand. A logo contributes to conveying the brand. In the final analysis, a brand is something of a gut feeling that people have in response to a business and its products or services.

In some ways, everything a business does contributes to its brand. This includes a business’ logo.

A Logo Design Needs to be Strategic from the Outset

When it comes to designing a logo, the process must be strategic from the start. In other words, when it comes to a logo design, a comprehensive consideration must be undertaken as to how the logo will be part of the overall development of a business’ brand.

A business develops a business plan and a marketing plan. Time and again, businesses overlook the idea of having a branding plan. This type of strategic plan is vital. It works to ensure that a brand properly launches and that the associated logo is properly reflective of the brand.

Do Not Over-design

In addition to taking the long view, a strategic view, when it comes to creating a logo, a business must never over-design. One of the biggest mistakes a business makes when it comes to branding and logo issues is that they over-design when it comes to a logo. In other words, they keep working and reworking a logo design and fail to stop at an appropriate juncture.

When it comes to branding and logo design, a business or designer must know when to stop. Knowing when to stop the design process is something that can be made easier when that milestone is made a part of the overall strategic plan at the commencement of the logo and brand development process.

Redesigning a Brand

If a brand needs to be re-positioned or redesigned, a logo can serve a significant purpose in the process. Rarely should a logo be changed. This is even the case when a brand needs to be re-positioned.

When a brand is being re-positioned, maintaining a logo in its current configuration sends a message to clients and customers. It sends a message that even though the brand is being re-positioned, its still the same quality product or service.

Professional Assistance for Branding and Logo Design

A business typically is best served by seeking professional assistance when it comes to branding and logo design. There are specialists that focus their energies on branding and logo design.

This includes professional assistance when a brand is being launched and a logo is being developed initially. Professional assistance is also a preferential course when the time arrives to reposition a brand and determine what design changes, if any, need to happen with a logo at that juncture. Again, oftentimes no alteration in a logo design is warranted even when a brand is being re-positioned.

A final note on a professional brand and logo designer. A business should consider hiring a professional as an investment in the future of the enterprise. Yes, a business pays money for this type of assistance. However, the expenditure pays off with a solid brand and dynamic logo into the future.

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