Dentist Testimonial

Dentist Barrie – Search Engine Optimization

Barrie Ontario

 Being new to internet marketing our clinic decided to let a large print directory company handle our Search Engine Optimization program.  Being Canada’s largest print directory and having worked with them for many years we figured that they would be able to fulfill our digital needs.  After a very frustrating experience we decided to source our another internet marketing company.  We were referred to Propel from a patient who owned a business.  She portrayed Propel a new and very results oriented business that had opened up in Barrie.  We contacted Propel and after meeting with the owners new that it would be a great partnership.  They looked at our complete advertising portfolio and made several recommendations on how to reduce our overall spend while maintain our presence in all of our platforms.  The owners are very versed in print advertising and were able to reduce our phone book spend by over $600 per month and keep our same program (genius).

Since Propel has taken over our SEO campaign, we receive regular reports and communication, we have seen our page rank move to the first page of Google (happened very fast) and the number of calls and email contacts have increased immensely.

Our experience with Propel has been great, they over great customer service, care about your business and are local owners in our community.  We would strongly urge any business that is looking to acquire customers from the Internet to contact Propel Internet Marketing.


Office Manager