Pay Per Click / Google AdWords

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a pay per qualified visitor to your site.  Thus meaning you only pay when a qualified potential customer clicks on your ad.  Pay Per Click when done correctly is extremely targeted, generates direct leads, increases conversions, and produces a great ROI. 

There is a lot of variables to consider when managing a Pay Per Click campaign.  Many times when not managed properly you could be paying for products or services you do not offer and in geographical locations you do not service.

There are 5 match types in Google AdWords, 3 out of these 5 can have your ads showing up against literally an infinite number of user queries, therefore paying for ineffective clicks. Landing pages need to be optimized, ad rotation needs to be manipulated, predicting searchers intent and understanding where they are in the buying cycle are all things that need to be understood and implemented into every program.

All of our campaigns are set-up and run by a real human being (not software generated) and monitored consistently to ensure that the campaign is maximizing its efforts and budgetary responsibilities. 

What We Do

  • Site analysis and recommendations for changes (Increase Quality Score)
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Design custom PPC campaign, monitor and perfect it
  • Report on results
  • Analyze – observe and make recommendations
  • Adjust campaign and do it all over again


Successful PPC Campaigns = 175


Real results with transparency!