Money Back Guarantee

Our GUARANTEED RESULTS programs are our most popular and unique product offerings.  We offer two programs to build our clients online presence and drive results to their top line sales.  Both of these programs come with a full money back Guarantee so that our clients are virtually eliminating  any risk in participating in the programs.


This is by far the most popular program that we offer.  Our team Guarantees to increase your top line sales over a pre-determined time line.  That is exactly what makes this program so popular, we collaborate with you and determine how much of an increase on sales the program will entail and the duration of the program, if we do not succeed in achieving these results you are given a FULL REFUND! Example Below.



This program is specifically designed for businesses that want to increase their site traffic and organic ranking over a pre-determined time line.  We develop strategic SEO program that drives qualified traffic to your site, this not only increases your brand awareness but also will drive top line sales.  This program also comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on increasing results.

Program – A Roofing Contractor wanted to increase his 2017 (April – October) business by 25% compared to his previous year.  A program/budget was developed encompassing many online Social, SEO and PPC strategies.  By the end of the campaign we are proud to say their sales had increased by 37%.


This team truly does amazing work! We have tried other Internet Marketing companies in the past and never saw any results. Within a short time of working with Propel our ranking went up and so did sales! The communication is great and they are always willing to go the extra mile!

Ryan Eastman - Owner

These guys are really impressive! Super friendly helpful team with programs that provide guaranteed results or your money back! Thanks Propel for growing our business!

John Parish - President

Truly innovative company that produces great leads. Our business has increased by at least 60% over last year same time, they are affordable and truly show they care each and every day. Highly recommend them!

Brayford - Director of Marketing


Since both of these programs are unique and require an in-depth conversation with each individual business it is important that you contact us to set up a time to speak directly with one of our project managers.


Successful MBG Campaigns = 124


Real results Money Back Guaranteed!